Due to group size limits, pre-registration was required. Registration Closed Monday, June 14th at Noon. If you have any questions, please contact Reagan at children@3cross.org
Below are the basics for each age group, please continue scrolling for more information, volunteer sign-up, and FAQ. Click on any of the images below to open a larger version of them. 
FAQ – Please read these as there are a number of changes from previous VBS years
Q: Why is the schedule/time different than previous years?
A: We partner with IOLBC in running VBS, and their traditional schedule for VBS is the 9:00-2:00 schedule seen above. In order to provide the best opportunity for both our campers and the counselors that come from IOLBC, following the schedule their most used to just makes sense! Plus, it doesn’t hurt having some extra VBS time for our kiddos since we weren’t able to have VBS last year!
Q: Why is VBS so late in June?
A: In previous years, we’ve held our VBS the 2nd week of June. This year we pushed it back for a number of reasons. In order to set ourselves up for the best VBS possible, pushing our VBS back a few weeks helps the camp staff be more prepared, as well as gives us time to be ready from the church side of things, too.
Q: What are the mask requirements and safety precautions in place this summer?
A: Following the current church policies, masks will be optional for all volunteering and attending VBS. We will be limiting our group sizes as well as spending as much of our VBS week outside as possible to limit exposure. The camp staff that will be present for the VBS week will have their own safety precautions and mask requirements from IOLBC. We ask that parents/guardians be diligent about pre-screening your children everyday, and that you do not send your kids to VBS if they are feeling sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness.
Q: Will you be providing Childcare?
A: We are offering childcare for those who are volunteering during our program in the morning for kiddos under Pre K. In the afternoon Pre K-K campers whose parents/guardians are helping with the older kids can join them until the end of the day. If you are planning on any of your kids stay in childcare, please contact Reagan independently so we can plan for them.
Q: What grade do I register my children under?
A: On the registration form, it’ll ask you to mark what grade your child will be in in the Fall of 2021, so the grade they’re going INTO.
Q: What are the Pre K age/experience guidelines?
A: We ask that if you register your child for VBS, that they will have already experienced the structure of Pre School at some point. VBS is a pretty structured program, and we’ve found that kiddos who haven’t been in Pre School already often struggle with the structure and schedule of VBS. So there is no real age minimum, but an experience minimum. If you have any questions/want to chat about whether or not your young child can attend, please reach out to Reagan (children@3cross.org)
Q: What is the plan for lunches?
A: All those staying for the full day (1st-6th grade campers, volunteers, counselors, children in childcare) are invited to either provide their own sack lunch each day OR church will be providing sack lunches for everyone. There is no cost to receive the church-provided lunches, but if you’d like to make a donation to help cover the costs, simply note ‘VBS Lunch’ on whatever donation you want to make. You will be asked to mark whether you are providing a lunch for your child or not on the registration form as well as the volunteer form. If your child has allergies it is likely safest to provide your own sack lunch. The same is true for particularly picky eaters. 
Q: What will the 5th & 6th Graders do during VBS?
A: Our 5th & 6th Graders will be a part of our Film Crew! In the afternoon they will do a Bible Study, and spend some time taking pictures and videos of the other campers to be posted online and used in a wrap-up video at the end of the week. In the morning, these kids will be split up to help in various locations. After we get everyone registered for camp, we’ll be in contact with our 5th & 6th graders to see where they want to help the most! If your child would really prefer to be a traditional camper rather than Film Crew, please contact Reagan and we will sort it out!
Q: Can we register the day of?
A: Due to group size restrictions and space availability, we are requiring Pre-Registration this year. We cannot guarantee same-day registration. If we get to a previously decided on number of sign-ups, we will have to split our days up between groups in order to keep safe group sizes in relation to the number of adult volunteers and camp staff available. 
Q: Why does Friday have a different schedule?
A: Friday will be a Friday Fun Day this year! With some aspects of VBS staying the same, we will have more games and activities for the campers on Friday, as well as a Cook Out Meal for lunch that all families are invited to! We will also have a short closing program lead by the camp staff and the kids! In the past, this program was done during the 9:30 Sunday indoor church service. This year it will be Friday at 11:30, prior to the cookout meal. 
If you have any questions/comments, please email Reagan Colt (children@3cross.org) or call church at 712-338-4514