drive-in set up

Items needed for Drive-in worship

  • An audio mixer with inputs for microphones, musical instruments, and sound inputs if needed.  (Recorded songs or audio)
  • Sound Equipment needs to be connected to mixer.  This would include microphones, instruments, and any audio equipment you want included in your “Radio Broadcast”.
  • Connect the “Radio Transmitter” to the output of the mixer.  The radio transmitter will need a radio station to broadcast on.  You will need to find an open station to broadcast on.  I ordered our radio station transmitter off of Amazon.  They range in price from $100 to maybe $300 depending on quality and features. One thing to be aware of is connecting the transmitter to the sound board.  Usually the sound board out is either ¼ inch or XLR and most transmitters are 3.5 mm ends.  So you will need converter cables.  Make sure you order them also. 
  • That is the basics.  We have our pulpit in the back of a pickup and have the band in the church building to keep warm.  We are in Iowa.  You can click here to see our set-up.