Free Will Concert presented by local band, First to Dance
Sponsored by the First Lutheran Foundation

Jesus spoke unendingly about love…sharing, feeling, and acting with love…to everyone, no matter who they were. He loved all and spoke of love as the center of everything we do. He asked all of us to look for ways to show love as a way of living. His words in comparison to the lyrics of these songs are notably familiar.


The songs we play are about love. They teach us how to care for others. They make us think about how we can be better friends. They show that love for others is not something that we just talk about in church. It is a belief that is shared by all of those who have ears to listen. Love transcends all belief and harmony together is the ultimate goal.


Love has no musical boundaries.
Band Members:

Tyler Pedersen – Spirit Lake

Jessica Schable – Milford

Jay Hardy – Spirit Lake

Martin Mendez – Milford

Jennifer Johnson – Arnolds Park

Brian Moore – Minneapolis

It’s a magical thing we’ve all seen. Be it at a wedding, a birthday or any social gathering…there is a smile that comes to your face upon seeing those people that can’t help but feel the music and in that moment of time…are the First to Dance. That motivation to dance… That feeling of spirit…

Our band is really all about spending time together as friends with songs that have inspired us throughout the years. Every song that we play was selected for the simple reason of someone in the band loving that song and how it makes them feel. Music is a free-living art. It is boundless in how it speaks from one heart to another. You only have to listen.

Our band pays tribute to those songs…their rhythms, notes, and lyrics that have so lovingly shaped our lives. Our goal is to forget about time for a while and play the songs that inspire us to chase the spirit of life and love.

James Taylor wrote…

“Everyone knows that love is the only road. And since we’re only here for a while, we might as well show some style. It’s just a lovely ride.”

So, be present with us for songs written of life and of love. Listen to the music. Sing along. Imagine. And if the spirit moves you, dance!

“There is only love, everything else is our resistance to it.”
Terces Engelhart
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